Each year, with the generous support of our corporate partners, we are able to double the impact of our individual donors through a donation matching campaign.

2023 was a success because of YOU!

Thanks to our amazing network of supporters, we were able to raise $111,831 and exceed our 2023 Fund-A-Service goal. Our generous Fund-a-Service partners: PRA Group, Checkered Flag, Chorey & Associates Realty, Dragas Companies, Birdsong Peanuts, and Towne Bank matched these donations and doubled their impact, making this year’s campaign an incredible success! These funds will go towards providing college tours, advising services to seniors, scholarships, as well as helping students cover the costs of college housing deposits, SAT and ACT testing fees, and college applications. Your giving helps our students dream bigger, go further, and ultimately make a larger impact on their communities.

Fund-A-Service Fundraising Thermometer

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During the 2023 Fund-A-Service Campaign, you have the exciting opportunity to double your investment in education, giving you the power to help Access provide vital educational services and scholarship support to thousands of Hampton Roads students.

College Tours for Students

College Tours

One Student=$20
Ten Students=$200
Twenty-Five Students=$500

College Housing

College Housing Deposit

One Student=$350
Ten Students=$3,500
Twenty-Five Students=$8,750

Advising Services for Seniors

4+ Hours Per Student

One Student=$250
Ten Students=$2,500
Twenty-Five Students=$6,250

Testing Fees

SAT/ACT Payment

One Student=$60
Ten Students=$600
Twenty-Five Students=$1,500

College Application

One College Application Fee

One Student=$50
Ten Students=$500
Twenty-Five Students=$1,250

“Last-Dollar” Scholarships

One Access “Last-Dollar” Scholarship

One Student=$5,000
Ten Students=$50,000
Twenty-Five Students=$125,000

One Year of an Access
“Last-Dollar” Scholarship

One Student=$1,250
Ten Students=$12,500
Twenty-Five Students=$31,250

One Semester of an Access
“Last-Dollar” Scholarship

One Student=$625
Ten Students=$6,250
Twenty-Five Students=$15,625

General Scholarship Support

A gift for general support
in any amount will be matched!

Students say it best

Our Fund-A-Service Campaign is an annual opportunity for our generous donors and partners to directly impact the lives of students in our community. From college tours to application fees to scholarships, your donations provide much-needed services to assist our students in the entire college entrance process. Every gift we receive supports our students in helping them overcome the financial burdens associated with this huge educational milestone. See how these services have impacted our current and former students!

Xavier Wallace

King’s Fork High School

“My name is Xavier Wallace. I’m a senior at King’s Fork High School. This wonderful woman next to me is @hbcupride95. She’s the Access College Foundation counselor/representative for King’s Fork. Throughout my experience with her, I will say that she is the truth!! Her help has been beneficial to my college journey. As I prepare for the next step in my life, I want to give thanks to her because I wouldn’t be where I am with the college process without her. Thank you!!!!”

High School Advisor, Adrienne Miller

Natalie Bowen

Natalie BowenGreat Bridge High School

“Hi! My name is Natalie Bowen, and I am a senior at Great Bridge High! The college application process has certainly not been easy, but Access College Foundation has been by my side to help me with anything I need. Through Access, I have been able to take TWO SAT tests and apply to TWELVE universities without spending a single penny! Additionally, my Access advisor Ms. Pugh was a great help when it came to filling out the FAFSA and writing my CommonApp essay. I truly could not have made it through the application process without the help and support of Ms. Pugh and Access College Foundation. I am so incredibly grateful!! “

High School Advisor, Jessi Pugh

Mia Colontuono

Mia ColontuonoNanesemond High School

“I am Mia Colontuono. I am a senior at Nansemond River High School. I have had wonderful guidance from my access advisor Mrs. Howton. She has been one of the most patience people I have ever met with helping me apply to college. She took me through it step by step and pushed me to apply to different colleges. I never saw college in my future until Mrs. Howton came to my English class and told us all about Access and all the benefits that come with it such as scholarships and how it is a free service. I have applied to many colleges and I am so excited to see what is next. Honestly could not have done this without the help of Mrs.Howton” @mia.colontuono.3

School Advisor, Tina Howton

Keara Covita

Keara CovitaKempsville High School

“Hi, my name is Keara Covita, I go to Kempsville high school in VA Beach, and I’ve been using Access College Foundation throughout my high school years. Access has definitely helped me with the college application process and opening me up to frequent scholarship opportunities. I use Access as a resource when I need help with college stuff. Without Access, I would’ve been so lost my junior and senior year. If you had asked me what the SAT or ACT was, I would have not known what those were. Access College Foundation has given me knowledge that I will use throughout my college days. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am without Access College Foundation.” @iam.keara

High School Advisor, James Coaxum

Ka’Mya Norfleet

KaMya NorfleetChurchland High School

“My name is Ka’Mya Norfleet and I am a high school senior at Churchland High School in Portsmouth, VA. I have been a part of The Access College Foundation since I was in the 9th grade, and it has been a major help! Because of Mrs. Foster and The Access College Foundation, I was able to take the PSAT and the SAT twice for free, applied to over 20 colleges without having to pay a fee, she has provided me and thousands of other students with available scholarships and grants, and is also responsible for helping me receive a $2,000 scholarship! I have already gotten accepted into 20 schools including my dream school Clark Atlanta University. I am so grateful for Mrs. Foster and The Access Foundation, they have played a big part in my success in high school!”

High School Advisor, Shawn Foster

Demauri Chambliss

Demauri ChamblissLakeland High School

“My name is Demauri Chambliss and I’m a senior at Lakeland High School. I want to thank LeAnne Cash (Cash Money) and Access College Foundation for being such a big help this year. Mrs. Cash has helped me with college applications as well as my FAFSA. She helped me get accepted to 6 colleges including 3 of my top choices . As she continues to help me with scholarship opportunities. Thank You Access College Foundation for all of your support” @xomauri

High School Advisor, LeAnne Cash

Kyla Gallop

Kyla GallopNorview High School

“I am a senior at Norview High School. My access advisor, Mrs. Scott has helped me so much. She is always sharing amazing opportunities on colleges and scholarship information. She enlightens us on how we can attend the college of our dreams in an affordable way. She shares Access information with us as soon as she receives it so that we can take advantage of the resources. With that being said, there is an opportunity for me to receive a scholarship provided by Access. “

High School Advisor, Mary Carter Scott

Our Family of Supporters

Our corporate sponsors share our passion for college advancement! They matched all donations during the month of March to effectively DOUBLE our supporters’ investment. Thank you to our corporate sponsors Birdsong Peanuts, Checkered Flag, Chorey & Associates Realty, Dragas Companies, PRA Group, and TowneBank.

Matching Partners

Thank you to our generous Fund-A-Service Matching Partners

Birdsong Peanuts - Fund-A-Service Partner
Checkered Flag - Fund-A-Service Partner
Chorey & Associates Realty
Dragas Companies - Fund-A-Service Partner
PRA Group - Fund-A-Service Partner
TowneBank - Fund-A-Service Partner

For more information

Please contact Dionne Scott, Vice President for Development
by email at dscott@accesscollege.orgor by phone at 757.675.3999.