Donate a Car for College

Fuel education by donating a new vehicle to ACCESS College Foundation.

100% of your Donation will provide access to education and training beyond high school!

More than 50% of your donation comes back to you as a tax benefit!

The Return on Your Investment

   $25,000    Vehicle Donation
   ($4,625)    Less federal charitable deduction  
   ($12,500)  Less state 50% NAP credit 
    $7,875      Net Cost of Gift to Donor after Tax Benefit*
    $5,000     Named Scholarship in honor of dealership
(Provided by ACCESS and awarded to a student enrolled in the "TCC Automotive Program")
    $2,875     Net Cost of Gift to Donor after Tax Benefit and ROI
 *Assumes 37% federal tax rate and 5.75% VA income tax rate. Please consult your CPA to determine how charitable deductions and NAP state tax credits impact your dealership's tax liability 

Named Scholarship Recognition

The Named Scholarship will be presented at the annual ACCESS Scholarship Awards Luncheon. The donor(s) (or a designee) may present the scholarship award during the ceremony in its inaugural year.

Increased Pool of Qualified Candidates in Auto Field

The Named Scholarship will fully fund training and education in the automotive field for a student from a low-income family.

Opportunity to Strengthen Your Dealership’s Workforce

Hire your scholarship recipient upon program completion.

Cars for College Partnership Benefits

  • Dealership name/logo recognition in online sales listing with a link to dealership’s website
  • Dealership name/logo recognition on all ACCESS Cars for College collateral during campaign season 
  • Name/logo on the ACCESS College Foundation’s website homepage 
  • Featured blog post on the ACCESS College Foundation website 
  • Dedicated social media posts throughout the campaign season
  • Recognition in our list of 2020-21 annual supporters on ACCESS College Foundation’s website 

Want to donate a Car for College to ACCESS College Foundation? 

Contact  Dionne T. Scott
Vice-President for Development

Phone: 757.675.3999  |  Email Address: