ACCESS College Foundation was founded in 1988 to eliminate barriers to postsecondary education and increase college attainment for underrepresented and low-income students.

Over 29 years, ACCESS has helped more than 59,000 students from South Hampton Roads go to college, while leveraging $565 million in financial aid and scholarships to make  their educational paths possible. The result?  Changed lives, changed families, changed communities. The guidance, mentoring and financial aid sown into these students has been paid back exponentially to Hampton Roads, as these graduates return to become the doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, and innumerable other valuable roles our community is founded upon.



To provide students, who may not have the opportunity, the path to attend and complete college.


We will give every desiring student, from middle school through college,
the opportunity to optimize their lives and enrich the Hampton Roads community by creating
a strong workforce and engaged citizens through higher education.






Fall Sponsor Highlight

CI Azumano Travel is sponsoring a New Zealand Trip to be auctioned off at the Chesapeake Bay Wine Classic Foundation Grand Auction on November 11th, 2017.