Haley Allen

Haley Allen

Program Assistant

Job responsibilities/ what I do on a daily basis:

I am the Program Assistant. I handle all of the work reports, score cards, and dashboards for the staff. I also assist Scholars we serve at non-college success schools and oversee scholarship disbursements.

What I do for fun/ hobbies or interests outside of work:

When I have free time I typically spend it with my sorority, Gamma Sigma Sigma, doing community service in the area. We do everything from picking up trash to dressing up as characters for kids. If I am not with them, I am typically doing something wine related with my friends. Our favorite time of the year is Wine fest!

Why do you think ACCESS is simply irresistible?

I have been saying that I would work for ACCESS since I was a graduating senior in high school . . . I would have to say it’s the love that the staff has for what we do! I think that we all have a fire that just can not be put out to help students get to college. For me, I was drawn in by the family feel.  My advisor never made it seem like it was an inconvenience for me to come and talk, even when it had absolutely nothing to do with college. With all of that said, ACCESS has never let me down, even when I let myself down. ACCESS has truly been a light in this world and I cannot wait to watch it continue to grow every year!

Advice to students:  The most important advice I can give students heading off to college is to not wish the 4 years away.  College really is the greatest time of your life. Get involved and fall in love with your school. In college I was very involved and that made my experience just that much better !